Feelmax Kolva Barefoot Shoes


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Extremely lightweight, with a super thin 2.5 mm outsole, Feelmax Kolva provides extreme freedom for your feet. The upper is made of breathable polyester-cotton fabric and the wide last provides ultimate comfort. The shoe fabric is made of one piece, therefore your feet are safe from chafing. The extremely thin 2.5 mm NatuRun Minimo® outsole is made of a special rubber compound which makes it highly durable despite its thinness. Kolva is an excellent barefoot shoe for women and men, suitable for everyday use.  


Barefoot Shoes Feelmax Kolva Features

  • Extra thin 2.5 mm NatuRun Minimo® outsole for the ultimate barefoot experience
  • Thin and breathable polyester-cotton upper
  • Wide last and seamless design for comfort and anti-chafing
  • Suitable for everyday casual and active use for men and women


Why Go Barefoot?

Barefoot shoes stimulate small muscles and nerve endings in your feet, enhancing blood circulation and strengthening your feet muscles. Therefore, barefooting can prevent and remedy foot and knee pains. This will, in the long run, decrease the risk of injuries as the feet muscles are stronger. If you are new to barefooting, it is recommendable to start slowly and accustom your feet to barefooting little by little to avoid unneccessary foot aches.



Feelmax is a Finnish manufacturer of barefoot shoes. The outsoles of Feelmax barefoot shoes are made of a special rubber compound produced by Continental. For Feelmax it is all about comfort and getting the most benefits out of barefooting. Therefore, their shoes are designed to provide maximum comfort and the ultimate barefoot feel.

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