Myssyfarmi Gnomes Collection

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Little Myssys for Little Gnomes


Myssyfarmi Gnomes collection takes you back to your childhood, inspired by Finnish children’s literature, which is full of creatures such as gnomes, trolls, fairies, and bugbears. The Gnome collection Myssys are each named after a fairytale creature, a dweller of the forest.

These Myssys fit the heads of our small gnomes, our children. The material is 100% organic Finnsheep wool from the Myssyfarmi sheep and their cousins at the Rintala farm. The wool is comparable to merino wool in softness. The lanoline, wool grease, has not been washed away from the wool, which makes it especially well-suited for the sensitive skin of children. Each Gnomes Myssy has a beautifully hand-coloured pompom also made of 100% Finnsheep wool.

Mörkö (bogeyman or goblin) is one of the bestselling colour combinations and perfect for either a little boy or a girl. The grey coloured wool beanie is topped with a yellow pompom. A mörkö can live outdoors or indoors, it is hairy, perhaps a bit scary, but harmless.

Haltijatar (fairy) is a bestselling colour combination is loved by both mothers and daughters. The wool beanie is made of light grey wool and topped with a nude pompom.  Haltijatar is a beautiful goddess or fairy with good intentions and a human like form.


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