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Bringing food to our table, caring for the land and animals that feed us, a true Farmester has a giving heart and a smile on his or her face as they start their tractors to harvest the food we eat. They are the trendsetters of today, working hard every single day to produce the best and tastiest ingredients for us. The founders of Myssyfarmi are continuing in the path of their grandparents, managing the family farm, so they sure know what they are talking about. Today, the gap from farm to urban city life is diminishing and Farmesters are there to do their part in bridging the gap. Modern day farmers don’t actually look that different from urban hipster, come to think of it. Farmesters collection celebrates the Finnish farming tradition and fit equally well on the head of a farmer as an urban hipster.

All Myssys are handmade of either hand-dyed or natural colour 100% organic Finnsheep wool. Thanks to the special characteristics of this wool, it is soft and does not itch, similarly to merino wool. Wool is extremely easy to maintain as it is dirt repellent and naturally stays clean. Therefore you won't really need to wash your Myssy, just give it a good airing every now and then. If it starts to loose its shape, you can gently hand wash it and reshape it when wet. Since hand-dyeing is a very sensitive process, the colour of your Myssy might be a little bit different from the photo. Every Myssy is unique! Adding to this is the care and love of the knitters of Myssys, the local grannies of Myssyfarmi, who have hand-knitted each Myssy. You can find the name of the knitter of you Myssy on the product tag.

Farmesters Myssys come in size M which fits most adults. A new Myssy beanie should be just a little tight, the product takes the size and shape of your head within the first week of use. All Myssys have a lifetime warranty. 

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