Feelmax Charcoal Toe Socks Grey

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We all know the not-so-pleasant odour that can fill the room when someone takes off their shoes at the end of the day. It may make us gasp for air and feel a bit nauseas. But we do not have to suffer anymore! Feelmax charcoal toe socks are the perfect solution.

The natural charcoal in these socks tie moisture and keep your feet dry. The bacteria cannot grow which prevents odour from forming. Thus, your feet will feel and smell fresh all day long and also in the evening when you finally take your shoes off. These socks are great also for hikers, because they keep your toes separated, preventing blisters from forming. Feelmax Charcoal toe socks are also suitable for sensitive skin.


Feelmax Charcoal Toe Sock Materials

  • 49% cotton
  • 26% polyester
  • 22% nylon
  • 3% other fibres

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