Skinners Sock Shoes for Kids

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Sock Shoes for Playing Barefoot Indoors and Out – The Perfect Footwear for Growing Feet


To us parents, the well-being of our children is a number one priority. Skinners help in taking care of our children by providing them footwear in which the growing foot can move freely, get the needed exercise, and your kid is safe from slipping or hurting their feet on sharp rocks. Skinners sock shoes are now available from size 28 to 35 in delightful colours that your kid will love.

Skinners are also loved by kids, thanks to how easy they are to put on. Skinners sock shoes slip on and off in seconds, just like socks. Once on, the sock shoe should fit snugly, again like a sock. The anti-slip sole is perfect for playing and running indoors and out, even on wet surfaces. The soft sole does not leave any marks on the floor, which makes Skinners the perfect shoes for first sports hobbies or as indoor shoes for kindergarten and school. They pack in a small bundle and each pair comes with their own pouch, so they are really easy to take with you anywhere you go.

The shoes are made of highly durable materials and no glue or seams are added, which makes them completely machine washable. Each pair of Skinners sock shoes is handmade in Europe from top materials and carefully inspected to provide you and your children with high-quality products.


Kids’ Skinners in a Nutshell

  • Barefoot sock shoes provide freedom and protection for exploring the world
  • Durable & lightweight, suitable for almost any activity indoors or out
  • Perfect shoes for kindergarten, school, sports, and traveling
  • 3-layer StretchKnit for a great fit, comfort, and moisture-wicking
  • Durable phthalate-free polymer 2 mm sole
  • Machine washable
  • Handmade in EU


Skinners Children’s Sock Shoes Materials

  • 45% polypropylene
  • 22% viscose
  • 22% cotton
  • 11% elastane



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