Skinners Black Sock Shoes

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Skinners Barefoot Sock Shoes Take Barefooting to the Next Level


Skinners Black sock shoes take care of the whole body by combining the best properties of shoes and socks. Walk lightly and freely indoors and out and let your toes and feet muscles work out! In sock shoes, your feet are protected from dirt and uncomfortable surfaces, but are not strained by the weight of shoes. Your feet muscles are strengthened with barefooting each time as the nerve ends of your foot are activated. Toes finally regain their purpose when they have to work to maintain your balance. Even the smallest muscles in your feet get the workout they need, which affects the well-being of the whole body.

Skinners Barefoot shoes breathe well and do not make your feet sweaty. Of course, this is very user-specific, as some feet tend to sweat more than others. The silver thread used in Skinners makes the socks antibacterial. You can freely let your Skinners barefoot socks get wet and let them protect your feet from sharp rocks at the bottom of the sea or lake and the mud that does not feel nice to walk on. For this reason, Skinners socks are also an excellent choice for outdoor swimming. However, keep in mind that they should be carefully dried after getting wet.

Sock shoes work well as indoor shoes at workplaces, the gym, yoga and indoor swimming pools. Skinners sole is made of the highest grade Swedish phthalate-free double-layer polymer that is up to 2 mm thick. The sole is made to last for hundreds of kilometres of walking (depending on the surface). Although Skinners are designed to protect your feet, they do not have cut or puncture protection. Therefore, it is good to scan your path if there is a risk of for example large pieces of glass or nails to be on your route.

The soft sole of Skinners does not scratch or leave marks on the floor. In addition, its rubber-like construction ensures good grip, for example on slippery floors of swimming pools or underwater rocks. Therefore, Skinners are also suitable for hikers to cross waterways. The sole of the socks is also water resistant, so even if you walk on wet soil, your feet will not get wet and cold. The main body, however, will let water in, so don’t go jumping on deeper puddles. In cold weather, Skinners can also be worn with a regular thin sock to prevent frostbite.

Skinners are hand-crafted in Europe. With no adhesives or seams, it is safe to wash your Skinners in a washing machine. They very lightweight and roll-up to a tight bundle, which makes them the ideal shoes to take with you on your hikes and travels. To top this off, the only weigh 100 grams on average! Skinners has really taken barefooting to the next level by making it possible indoors and out, basically anywhere.


Skinners Sock Shoes Materials

  • 45% polypropylene
  • 22% viscose
  • 22% cotton
  • 11% elastane

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