SIGG x Moomin Winter 2019 0.6 Bottle

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Have a Great Winter Day Out with the Moomins


Join Moomins on a joyful day in winter wonder land with this SIGG x Moomin Winter 2019 Drinking Bottle. You can feel the happy energy the Moomins are spreading out as you take a sip from this aluminium 0.6 litre drinking bottle. Even though the bottle depicts winter with Moomins, you can use the bottle in the summer as well!

The SIGG x Moomin series includes a number of beautifully coloured and illustrated Moomin-themed bottles to delight young and older Moomin friends.

SIGG bottles are made from a single aluminium component, and therefore the finished product does not have seams that could leak. The extremely durable aluminium bottle is coated on the inside so that no aluminium is dissolved into your drink. The coating can even withstand acidic and carbonated drinks and milk. The inside does not collect odours or flavours, so you can freely use the same bottle for different drinks as long as you remember to wash it in between.

The bottles are BPA, phthalate, BADGE, BFDGE and NOGE free and therefore completely safe to use. Due to their long lifecycle, SIGG bottles are an ecological alternative to plastic bottles. At the end of their lifecycle, they are 100% recyclable.


Cleaning and maintenance of SIGG bottles

Always wash SIGG bottles by hand. Always rinse the bottle and cap with hot water after use, allow to dry with the cap off the bottle. If your bottle needs a more thorough cleaning, cleaning tablets and a special bottle brush that will not scratch the inside will help.


SIGG Warranty

SIGG bottles have a five year warranty against material and manufacturing defects. All defects will be investigated as standard warranty policy. Unfortunately, we cannot compensate for damage caused by product misuse, neglect of care or normal wear and tear.

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