Skinners Speckled Black Sock Shoes


Take barefooting to the next level with these extremely popular sock shoes which are handmade in Europe. Combining the best qualities of socks and shoes, Skinners are a truly versatile product that can be used while walking, hiking, swimming, or at the gym or office – basically anywhere! And the best part is that by going barefoot you strengthen the little muscles in your feet with every step you take. You can feel the ground through the sock shoe which activates the nerve endings at the sole. Your toes will also find their purpose in balancing your steps.

You can use your barefoot socks anywhere you go - at the office or gym, at yoga, when traveling or trekking, the list goes on. The silver thread makes Skinners antibacterial and the material allows your skin to breath. Thus, feel free to use them even on a hot summer day on the beach. Skinners can also be used when swimming or walking in the water, protecting your feet from sharp rocks and mud at the bottom of the lake or sea.

The sole of Skinners sock shoes is made of high-quality Swedish phthalate-free double layer polymer which is up to 2 mm thick and will last for hundreds of kilometres (depending on where you use them of course). The soft sole does not leave marks or scratch the floor. The rubber-like sole also gives you a good grip, so they are perfect for use on slippery surfaces such as at swimming baths or when crossing rivers on your trekking trips. Because of the waterproof sole, these sock shoes suit well for use on wet ground, but note that the upper part of the sock will let water in.

Skinners are handmade in Europe. With no adhesives or seams on the socks, they are completely machine washable. They pack up small in their own pouch, in which it is easy to carry them. Weighing under 100 grams, you can easily fit them in your bag or backpack and to take them with you anywhere you go.


Skinners Sock Shoes Materials

  • 45% polypropylene Siltex (Ag+)
  • 22% viscose
  • 22% cotton
  • 11% elastane

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