Skinners Metal Grey Sock Shoes


So comfortable and versatile that we bet after getting accustomed to your Skinners, they will be the only shoes you will ever want to wear. Combining the best of both worlds – socks and shoes – Skinners are perfect for any activity, outdoors or indoors. The popularity of barefooting is based on its beneficial effects on the muscles in our feet. With every step you take in your Skinners sock shoes, your feet muscles get the exercise they desperately need and often do not get in regular shoes. Even yuor toes find a new meaning for their existence in balancing your stride. Because of the thin sole, your feet will feel the surface they walk on and the nerve endings in your feet will be activated.

Each has their own way of using these comfortable sock shoes. Some prefer to wear them outdoors, some indoors. Thanks to their structure and materials Skinners fit perfectly for a plethora of activities. The rubberlike consistency of the sole will not only prevent you from slipping but will also keep your feet dry. The sole is made of high-quality Swedish phthalate-free double layer polymer which is up to 2 mm thick and will last for hundreds of kilometres (depending on where you use them, of course). The upper part of the sock shoe allows the foot to breath, but do note that it is not waterproof. The silver thread of the fabric makes Skinners hygienic. Because Skinners have no seams and no adhesives have been used, they are completely machine washable. The soft sole does not leave any marks on the floor either.

Our team, and a great number of our customers, have tested these sock shoes and been amazed by how comfortable and versatile they really are. Some prefer to use them outdoors: They have been found to be excellent for swimming and walking on the sea or lake with the sole protecting your feet from the rocks and mud in at the bottom of the sea. Some like to use them in swimming baths because of their non-slip sole. When trekking, Skinners are great for use at the camp site or when crossing rivers. They are also great for indoor sports, such as the gym or yoga. Then there are the hard core users (most of us) who just wear them everywhere – at home, at the office, while walking the dog and the list goes on.

So, get your pair today and try them out at your favourite hobby and see for yourself. We bet you will love them and will soon wonder how you ever survived without them!


Skinners Sock Shoes Materials

  • 45% polypropylene Siltex (Ag+)
  • 22% viscose
  • 22% cotton
  • 11% elastane

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