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With high quality materials, attention to detail, and a comprehensive understanding on what they’re doing, Savotta has designed this medium size backpack, Jääkäri M. The name traces back to the backpack that was originally designed for the use of the Finnish border patrol. Jääkäri M is an improved model of that backpack, developed according to the user experience and feedback. Thanks to top shelf materials and an emphasis on endurance, Jääkäri is an extremely durable and sturdy backpack in its category. The extensive PALS webbing allows you to attach items and pockets according to your needs. The slim and simplistic, Nordic design makes Jääkäri M a suitable pack for hikers and hunters, but for city dwellers  and travellers alike.



Jääkäri M has been designed as a daypack, so you should be able to fit everything you need on a short hike into the backpack. For some of us, it might be big enough to accommodate the needed supplies for a slightly longer hike.

The capacity of the main compartment of Jääkäri M is 22 litres, but by overpacking the pack, you can increase this by 6 litres. A strap-attached floating flap and waterproof collar at the pack opening allow for overpacking and protect your supplies. The opening is tightened by a drawstring.

A spacious inner top pocket increases the overall capacity by further 2 litres and is great for storing your valuables or other small items you want to keep separate but still sheltered from rain. A vertical zipper at the right side of the backpack allows for quick access to the main compartment of the backpack without having to open the flap. A large compartment at the back contains the support frame of the backpack. Additionally, this compartment functions as an additional pocket to carry flat items.

A mesh pocket (ca 23 x 37 cm) inside the main compartment is great for a hydration bladder or other supplies that need to be kept separate. This pocket will easily hold, for example, a 13.3-inch laptop. On each side of the bag, protected under a flap, you can find outlets for the hydration bladder tubes or, for example, a cord or aerial.

On the outside of the backpack, two open pockets with elasticised opening hold small supplies, or with the help of compression straps, longer items or a water bottle. At the bottom of these pockets, metal drain rings take care of disposing of excess water.


Attachment points

PALS webbing can be found on the front, sides, flap and even the shoulder straps and hip belt of the Jääkäri M. With MOLLE, you can attach any pocket compatible with PALS almost anywhere you want on the Jääkäri M. BY adding MOLLE compatible pockets and attaching items on the PALS webbing, you can increase the backpack size considerably. In addition to the modular attachment possibilities, the PALS webbing reinforces and stabilises the backpack. One MOLLE loop on the Jääkäri M can bear over 100 kg of weight.

The attachment straps of the flap are long and run along the whole front of the backpack and under it. This enables you to attach supplies securely on the front of the backpack without additional straps. You can use the four guide loops for straps at the bottom of the backpack for tying equipment as well. Tying to the bottom is a great way of carrying rolled sleeping mats, for example. At the sides, long compression straps extend from one side of the backpack to the other creating even more carrying space and options for you.

At the front of Jääkäri M, at the bottom of the bag, you can find two attachment loops. The loops have been designed to be long enough for carrying exceptionally long pieces of equipment so that the shaft fits into the loop, if necessary.


Carrying system

Thanks to its highly durable, lightweight, ethylene plastic sheet frame, Jääkäri M backpack stays upright and is comfortable to carry even with a slightly heavier load. The good sized, sturdy padding pillows against the back are a rarity in a backpack of this size making Jääkäri M a surprisingly comfortable small backpack to carry. If you want, you’ll be able to remove the pillow against the small of your back. You can also use the pillow fold the hip belt out of the way.

Anatomically shaped, sturdy shoulder straps and a low-profile, robust hip belt provide support and make carrying the backpack more enjoyable. The hip belt can be tightened in both directions and there is a lot room for adjustment to suit users of many sizes. The buckled sternum strap provides extra comfort and support for carrying. A carrying handle at the top allows you to also lift the back easily by hand.


Product Note Status Price
Savotta Horizontal Pocket S Savotta Horizontal Pocket S
29.90 €
Savotta Horizontal Pocket M Savotta Horizontal Pocket M
34.90 €
Savotta MPP Pocket Small Savotta MPP Pocket Small
35.00 €
Savotta SA MPP Pocket Mini Savotta SA MPP Pocket Mini
25.00 €
Savotta Vertical Pocket L Savotta Vertical Pocket L
44.90 €
Savotta Vertical Pocket M Savotta Vertical Pocket M
39.90 €
Savotta Vertical Pocket S Savotta Vertical Pocket S
34.90 €
Savotta Packing Strap 2 Pcs Savotta Packing Strap 2 Pcs
from 7.40 €
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