Savotta Jääkäri L Backpack


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Savotta Jääkäri L backpack is everything you need and more when it comes to truly durable and wear resistant backpacks and rucksacks. Available in 3 colours: classic olive green, stylish black and army pattern M05, you can take your pick and decide which is the perfect fit for you. Jääkäri L is the improved next generation model from the classic Rajapartioreppu, which was designed for use by the Finnish border patrol in 1989. Thanks to its slim shape and high quality materials, the Jääkäri backpack is an ideal choice for trekking in the wilderness, where you may need to push through a thicket. But truth be told, we also love to take Jääkäri L with us when traveling by train or airplane. With its strudy frame the backpack is comfortable to carry and holds its shape.

Compartments and MOLLE

With the roll-top closing mechanism, you can easily adjust the backpack to fit the amount of gear that you carry in it (capacity from 40 litres to 60 litres; height from 60 cm to 80 cm). The roll-top also makes the top of the backpack waterproof. The main compartment of the backpack is closed by a “floating flap”. This is also great for when you want to overpack your backpack. The flap is attached to the body of the backpack from both sides with adjustable straps. You can use this extra space for example for carrying your sleeping bag. A zipper pocket has been placed on the inside of the flap allowing you to keep small items or valuables separate from your other gear. Outside the lap in the front, a Velcro panel is waiting for your name or national flag to be attached to it.

The main compartment of the Jääkäri L backpack can be divided into two separate compartments by tightening the string of the divider. A pocket containing the frame of the backpack can be found in the upper compartment. If you want, you can pack a hydration bladder or a small laptop (with extra protection) in this pocket as well. At the top of the upper compartment you will find a protected exit spot for the hydration bladder tube. The latter compartment is accessible through a zipper. Loops have been attached to the zipper to help operating it even with gloves on. Outside this spacious backpack four compression straps with quick locks will make sure that the backpack is as compact as it can be, no matter how much or little stuff you’ve packed in it. This will make carrying the backpack much more pleasant as the individual items inside will stay put and not move around the backpack. The tightening straps also enable you to attach lager items outside the backpack. In addition, PALS webbing can be found at the front, on both sides, on the flap and the shoulder straps and hip belt of Jääkäri L. Thus, you will be able to finish the backpack to suit your needs by adding MOLLE compatible pockets and pouches where you fell you need them. The PALS webbing is extremely durable – just one loop can hold up to 100 kg of weight.

Carrying System of Jääkäri L Rucksack

The carrying system of Jääkäri L backpack has been designed to meet the highest demands for use in extreme conditions. The ergonomic carrying system features wide shoulder straps and a well-fitting hip belt, which will help in distributing the weight equally, thus avoiding straining one part of the body excessively. You can adjust the shoulder straps with ladder buckles which are made of Delrin plastic blend. In addition, you can adjust the distance of the backpack from your back. This will allow you to alternate the weight distribution more to the hip or to the back, which is especially needed on a longer trek. The chest strap holds the shoulder straps in their place and helps in distributing the weight of the backpack even more equally. The adjustable hip belt is sturdy and cushioned for comfort. It comes off in its entirety if needed. When separate it can be used as a tool belt.

We recommend Jääkäri L backpack for use on short to medium length hikes or for traveling. The users especially appreciate the high quality and durability of the backpack, as well as the simplicity of its design making it ideal for both the outdoors and the city. The manufacturer offers a 5-year guarantee for this product against manufacturing and material defects.



Product Note Status Price
Savotta Horizontal Pocket S Savotta Horizontal Pocket S
29.90 €
Savotta Horizontal Pocket M Savotta Horizontal Pocket M
34.90 €
Savotta Packing Strap 2 Pcs Savotta Packing Strap 2 Pcs
from 7.40 €
Savotta SA MPP Pocket Mini Savotta SA MPP Pocket Mini
25.00 €
Savotta MPP Pocket Small Savotta MPP Pocket Small
35.00 €
Savotta Vertical Pocket L Savotta Vertical Pocket L
44.90 €
Savotta Vertical Pocket M Savotta Vertical Pocket M
39.90 €
Savotta Vertical Pocket S Savotta Vertical Pocket S
34.90 €
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