Savotta Jääkäri S


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The little brother of the Jääkäri family, Jääkäri S backpack may be smaller in size but made with the same precision and attention to detail as its older and bigger family members. With PALS webbing and a compact size, Jääkäri S is a versatile backpack suited for use in the forest as well as the city and makes a great travel carry-on bag as well. You can take it with you on any outdoor activity, from hiking to hunting and skiing to cycling.


Savotta Jääkäri S backpack has been designed to be a versatile and durable daypack that will fit the needed supplies for a day hike. The capacity of the main compartment of the backpack is 20 litres when closed, but extra 5 litres can be added by overpacking. The backpack main compartment closes with a folding flap that enables overpacking. When closed normally, the bag’s opening folds approximately 10 centimetres over the front together with the flap. This ensures that packed items stay inside the bag securely and tightly and it helps keep water out.

A zippered inner top pocket has been included inside the flap. It is ideal for keeping small items and valuables, such as a passport or sunglasses. The opening is reinforced with support pads, so it gives you easier access to the main compartment of the backpack.

Inside the main compartment, a separate pocket of 23 x 37 cm, will hold a small laptop or a hydration bladder. The hydration bladder can be attached to the hanging loop at the upper part of the pocket. The pocket is closed with an elastic band, ensuring that items stay put when moving the backpack. On each side of the bag, protected under a flap, there are outlets for the hydration bladder tubes or, for example, a cord or aerial.

Compression straps found on the backpack’s sides can be used to tighten the bag into a compact shape even when it is not full. The same straps can also be used jointly with additional straps for attaching long items to the bag.


Extensive PALS webbing has been added to the front, sides, flap and even on its shoulder straps and hip belt of Jääkäri S. With MOLLE, you can attach any MOLLE compatible pocket almost anywhere you want on this backpack. Using additional pockets, the Jääkäri S can be modified into a tactical tool that is suitable also for professional use. In addition to its modular attachment possibilities, PALS webbing reinforces and stabilises the backpack. One MOLLE loop on the Jääkäri S backpack can bear over 100 kg of weight.

The long attachment straps of Jääkäri S run from the flap along the front of the backpack all the way under it. These long straps can be used together with the PALS webbing to attach equipment on the outside of the backpack without additional straps. The bottom of the backpack has four guide loops, which enables the tying of equipment, for example a sleeping pad, to the bottom of the backpack as well.

With the side compression straps, you can also use the sides of the backpack for attaching items that do not fit or that you do not wish to pack inside the backpack, such as wet clothes. The straps are long enough to extend over the entire backpack to the opposite side.

The front (flap) of the Jääkäri S has a sown patch with Velcro (size: 5×13 cm) that can be used to attach a name, flag or any other patch.


The slim and comfortable 40 mm wide shoulder straps are sturdy, but do not hinder movement. The shoulder straps are also fitted with PALS webbing and can be used to hold small accessories, a chest strap or the tubes of a hydration bladder.  The top ends of the straps’ PALS webbing include hanging loops that can be used to attach karabiners. With the carrying handle on the top, the Jääkäri S backpack can be carried easily by hand as well.

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