Barefoot Shoes & Boots

Barefoot Shoes & Boots


Barefoot Shoes for Outdoors and Indoors


Whether you are a seasoned barefoot hiker or just a beginner, you can find the right shoes to fit your needs from Feelmax or Skinners. Barefoot shoes allow you to enjoy the benefits of barefoot walking safely and comfortably. From Feelmax you can find barefoot hiking boots, barefoot shoes for winter and everyday wear as well as barefoot running shoes. Skinners barefoot sock shoes take barefooting to the next level, making the sole as thin as possible and feeling like a second skin on your feet.

While Feelmax barefoot shoes and boots are mainly designed for outdoor use, Skinners you can wear both indoors and outdoors. The sole of barefoot shoes is very thin, replicating the feel of walking barefoot. There is a growing interest and a body of knowledge on the benefits of walking barefoot – ‘the natural way’ – including strengthening the small muscles and activating the nerves in our feet which improves the well-being of not only our feet but our entire body.

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