Men's Hiking Trousers

Men's Hiking Trousers


Men's Outdoor and Hiking Trousers for Every Occasion


High quality hiking trousers make your hikes and treks more comfortable as they cater to every need you might have. Strategically positioned pockets, as well as stretch on the one hand and reinforcements on the other hand make outdoor trousers comfortable to wear and long-lasting.

We have a good selection of men's hiking, trekking, and outdoor trousers, as well as some trousers for hunting for you to choose from. Brands such as Lundhags and Sasta are well-known for the quality of their products as well as great design of their hiking trousers.

Modern outdoor trousers for men have a slimmer design, which is also practical if your treks take you through forests or thickets where your trousers might get stuck on branches. Walking trousers for winter are made of thicker fabric than lighter outdoor trousers designed especially for use in the summer months and warm weather. You can also find trousers that are suitable for use all-year-round by adding extra layers underneath. Just keep in mind to choose a design that is less tight or pick one-size larger trousers.

Many outdoor trousers have a water resistant wax finish. With water resistant hiking trousers you will manage in light rain but if you are expecting heavier showers then we suggest opting for waterproof trousers or having some rain gear with you. While some of the waterproof trousers have good breathability as well, if it your trousers do not need to be completely waterproof, we recommend choosing from the non-waterproof models for extra breathability. Many outdoor trousers also allow for extra ventilation through ventilation zippers.

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