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All Ukko Finland products are handcrafted in Southern Ostrobothnia, Finland together with highly skilled local craftspersons. Each Ukko product has its unique serial number with which you can check the authenticity and manufacturing date of your product.

Made of 100% food-grade steel, all Ukko Finland products are meet the high standards of the food industry. Parts have been laser welded together with no external brazing materials. Therefore, the products are guaranteed to be durable and hygienic.

Ukko Finland designs combine the use of masculine steel and the minimalist Finnish design into beautiful items showcasing the skills of Finnish craftspersons. In these products, the traditional crafts skills are harmoniously joined together with modern technology to produce high-quality, elegant items for you to enjoy.

The design brings out the best of the fine liquors you can consume from Ukko products. The Ukko Schnapps shot glasses allow for the alcohol vapour to escape so that you can enjoy the fine, fruity aromas of the liquor. The very thin mouth of the Ukkomatti highlights the fruity and soft notes of the distillates by guiding the liquid optimally to the tip of your tongue.

The leather that is used in Ukko Finland products is ecological and durable. It is of Finnish origin, and natural vegetable leather tanning has been used.

Ukko products are popular gift items and come in elegant cardboard packaging allowing them to be gifted as such. We recommend them for any outdoor lover with a love for great craftmanship as well as all lovers of fine liquors.

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