Revolutionary Sock Shoes for Barefooting Indoors and Outdoors


Are these shoes or are these socks? Skinners revolutionary barefoot sock shoes are the lightest barefoot shoes you can find. Skinners combine the lightness of socks with the protection of shoes. Skinners are like the other skin on your feet, protecting the sole of your foot, while maintaining the natural feel of the foot on the ground, thereby activating the small muscles in your feet. These barefoot sockshoes are perfect for a variety of activities: running, gym, yoga, indoor swimming, outdoor swimming, traveling, hiking, you name it. Skinners can be used either with or without a sock.

In the summer, walking outdoors is more comfortable with lightweight Skinners on your feet. The silver thread used to make Skinners makes them antibacterial. The main part of the socks is a combination of natural and synthetic fibres, which make the socks breathable, well-fitting and provide good moisture wicking. Skinners work great as swimming shoes on rocky and sandy beaches. On rocky beaches, the soles protect your feet from sharp rocks and make walking on small rocks more comfortable. On sandy beaches you will be spared from the hot sand burning your feet. For this reason, socks are also an excellent choice for outdoor swimming. Do remember to rinse your sock-shoes in clean water after use and preferably allow to dry inside out. Skinners sock-shoes are well suited for indoor use, for example at work, the gym, yoga and indoor swimming pools.


Skinners sole is made of durable Swedish phthalate-free double-layer polymer that is up to 2 mm thick and lasts for hundreds of kilometres of use (depending on the surface). The soft sole does not scratch or leave marks on the floors therefore making Skinners a perfect indoor shoe. In addition, its rubber-like construction ensures good grip, for example on slippery floors of swimming pools. They are ideal for hikers as camp shoes or to cross waterways. The bottom of the skinners is water-resistant, so even if you walk on wet soil, your feet won't get wet and cold right away. Note, however, that the uppers canvas is not waterproof and will let water in.

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