Outdoor Clothing from Outdoor Enthusiasts to Outdoor Enthusiasts


When you’re looking for a great quality outdoor jacket for your hunting trips or a great pair of walking trousers for your next trek in the wilderness, who better to find the perfect product for you than an experienced hunter or trekker? This idea is what Sasta products are rooted on, in addition to the fact that everything they make is of high quality and highly durable.

Sasta was born out of the need of a certain young hunter, Urpo Saastamoinen, who decided to make a better and more functional outfit for himself for hunting. The very first Sasta products were made of wool fabric. Since then new products and materials have been added, but some of the favourites still remain as they were or slightly altered.

Even today, Sasta puts effort on producing highly functional clothing for the most demanding outdoorsmen testing and developing their products continuously with the help of real users in real environments. At Sasta, the focus is on quality, functionality, and durability, not on counting every gram or ounce.

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