North Outdoor

North Outdoor


Merino Wool Base Layers, Beanies, Tube Scarves, and Socks


North Outdoor is a Finnish brand that produces high-quality, yet affordable, merino wool clothing. Their selection includes merino wool base layers and accessories such as tube scarves, beanies, socks, and gloves for women, men and children. North Outdoor products are made to meet the requirements of Arctic conditions and are suitable for both exercise and everyday life.

Merino wool used in North Outdoor merino products is made by Woolmark. Woolmark® is the world's leading producer of merino wool and ensures the high quality of the garments made using their merino wool. Woolmark wool comes from Australia and is mulesing-free. In addition, all North Outdoor textiles are Öko-Tex certified.

Merino wool comes from merino sheep and has long, thin fibres, which accounts for its special qualities. It is softer and less itchy than regular wool and is therefore suitable for sensitive skin as well. A merino wool garment is good for warmth in the cold but is also well suited to warm conditions as it breathes well and balances out temperature changes. Even if merino wool gets wet, it still feels dry and provides warmth even in cold conditions. Merino wool is also naturally antibacterial. It does not become smelly even if you use it for a longer period of time, just let it dry freely in fresh air. Merino wool clothing is therefore ideal for sports, hiking and everyday use. Merino wool is an important part of layered clothing.

The popularity of merino wool has sky-rocketed in the past few years, as it has been found easier to care for, more natural, and as high-performing as technical base layers. So, get your merino wool base layer and accessories now easily from!


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