Hand Knitted by Grannies With Yarn From Local Sheep, Hand-Dyed at The Farm


Myssy is a Finnish word translating roughly to ‘funky wool beanie’. These Myssys are at the heart of Myssyfarmi, a Finnish farm-based design company. The brand was first established in 2009 by a couple, Janne and Anna, who took over the family farm in Pöytyä, Finland.

Myssyfarmi Myssys are knitted by local grannies. The Yarn is made from wool collected from sheep on organic Finnish sheep farms and spun in Finland as well. The yarn is hand-dyed at the farm. Myssys are comfortable to wear all year round. You can find models to fit both adults and children. Each Myssy is unique due to the way it is made and will take the shape of your own head as you use it.


The Sheep

Myssys are made of Finnsheep wool, which has distinctive features making it a great material for beanies. The wool is extremely soft, lightweight and dense.

Finnsheep is a Finnish lamb breed and most of Finnsheep in the world are still found in Finland. Finnsheep are closer to the original wild sheep than most other sheep races of today, thanks to which the wool still has a special ‘wild’ quality. These sheep have beautiful variety of natural colour wool: white, brown and black. These natural colours have been mixed to make great natural colours for Myssys.

Myssyfarmi has eight sheep of their own: Onni, Bambi, Mä, Pikkukarhu and small lambs Tupsu, Ammuu and Belle. They cooperate closely with an organic sheep farm Rintala at Yläne, Pöytyä. The sheep are looked after with love and care and sheared twice a year. 


The Yarn

"There is no finer yarn in the world than this Finnsheep yarn produced by our responsible partners"

The hard-to-get, exclusive Finnsheep yarn is what makes Myssy products very special. The fine yarn is produced by Myssyfarmi responsible partners. Its softness compares to that of Merino yarn.

The yarn is spun by the spinning mill of Pirtin Kehräämö: @pirtinkehraamo. First, the raw organic wool is washed gently to preserve the lanolin - the wool grease. No chemicals are used during the spinning process and the whole process is fully traceable.

Starting from September 2019 the yarn is hand-dyed at the Myssy HQ.


The Grannies

Myssyfarmi Grannies bring the soul into these products. They are modern grandmas and retired ladies who love to knit and be active. In their hands each Myssy comes to being and takes its shape. Myssy grannies knit because they want to, gathering once a month to share stories, have coffee, and knit together, perhaps start new Myssy projects. They are proud of what they do and as a sign of that they sign each Myssy they make. You can find this signature on the product label of your Myssy.





Myssyfarmi has grown and become international during the years, but they have not sacrificed their principles of locality, transparency and ethicality. Janne, a windsurfer turned farmer and Myssy maker, and Anna, with a past in the countryside but also in advertising, are still leading the company and creating new inspirational products for us to enjoy.

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