Extremely Comfortable and Durable Hiking Boots Handcrafted in Europe


Quality and durability come from a combination of tailor-made details and precise craftsmanship - familiar to millions of Lowa shoes hikers, climbers and outdoor enthusiasts around the world. Founded in Munich, Bavaria, Germany in 1923, the company manufactures handmade, well-fitting and comfortable shoes for demanding outdoor pursuits with over 90 years of professionalism. All Lowa footwear is designed and manufactured in Europe from the toe to the heel, and the company's high quality handicraft is ISO standardized.

Lorenz Wagner kicked off Lowa's story in the early 1920s by making men's low-cut, decorative leather walking shoes, finished with traditional Norwegian Welt stitching. At the same time, they laid the foundations for later success as a manufacturer of leather boots. Slowly the product range is expanding. In the 1970s rubber soles made with a durable vulcanization method are being tested - a ground breaking innovation is born. The new soles are 100% waterproof, offer great insulation against cold and retain their shape despite bending.

The 1980s marked the beginning of the golden age of trekking shoes, and in the 1990s, new lighter hiking boots see the light of day. Lowa's production continues to expand, and in 2000, Lowa sells for the first time a million pairs of shoes a year. Today, Lowa is the undisputed market leader in German-speaking countries and the Benelux, and continues to expand into North America, Asia and Eastern Europe. Lowa's tradition of quality and craftsmanship, as well as its strong domestic strategy, are known around the world.

Lowa's values ​​are also reflected in environmentally conscious production and compliance with European labor regulations. Lowa shoes are made in Europe and the leather used for the shoes is of European origin and contains no harmful PCP or AZO dyes. Only the most environmentally friendly methods of tanning the skin are used, and each manufacturer has its own on-site water purification systems.

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