Some (well actually most) who have had the pleasure and privilege of tasting the simply delicious jerky made by Kuivalihakundi, would say it is the best jerky money can buy. And we tend to agree. It is packed full of flavour, every bite tastes like a little bit of salty and savoury heaven, with the meaty umami notes singing hallelujah on your tongue.The story of Kuivalihakundi began in 2010 in Finnish Lapland, where Kuivalihakundi was sitting by a campfire and chewing on a bit of tasteless factory-made jerky, tough as an old boot. It was then and there that Kuivalihakundi decided he can make better. Kuivalihakundi began developing his own recipe for this tasty treat, and in 2014 he started selling his first beef jerky commercially online. Since then, more flavours and products have been introduced and the speed does not seem to be slowing down.

Kuivalihakundi is a Finnish company, with production facilities at Koivuhaka in Vantaa. There, each bag of their delicious jerky is made with a big heart from the best ingredients and largely by hand. Therefore, when you get your hands on (perhaps) the best jerky in the world, you can be sure you are only getting the finest quality meat. Of course, as handmade jerky should, the bits are a little different in size and shape, and you will find bits that need a little more chewing in the bag, but that is just because it is made of real meat, with real textures.

Kuivalihakundi products are made of Finnish meat and contain no gluten or additives. Jerky can be stored in room temperature, which is nice if you intend to take it with you when hiking or traveling. Jerky is great eaten as is, as a snack, or you can add it to stews, sauces, salads, pizza, and other meals. Just remember when using it in cooking, you should allow it to soften for at least two hours.

So, all you meat and jerky lovers, what are you waiting for? The world of heavenly taste and mouth-watering experiences awaits you…

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Kuivalihakundi Jerkku Haba Beef Jerky

Like your jerky packed full of flavour and with a touch of chili?


Kuivalihakundi Jerkku Naga Beef Jerky

Like a bit of heat with your jerky?


Kuivalihakundi Jerkku Original Beef Jerky

If you’re a lover of good beef jerky, and have not tried this out yet, you’ve been missing out.


Kuivalihakundi Jerkku Pippuri Beef Jerky Pepper

If you love a pinch of pepper with your jerky, you will be in heaven when you taste this.


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