Skilfully Handcrafted Knives and Axes from Lapland


Swedish Karesuando Kniven handcrafts knives and axes designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the northern wilderness. Seven craftsmen keep up the production speed of 120 products per day. Operating since 1975, the company has manufactured 200,000 knives and over one million blades. According to the philosophy of Karesuando Kniven,  a knife is just right when it meets, and exceeds, the expectations and needs of its user.

All components of Karesuando Kniven knives are made in Karesuando, Lapland, Sweden, the most northerly church village on the border between Sweden and Finland. A small river runs through a small village with Sweden on one and Finland on the other side. The villagers live here in harmony and make Karesuando Kniven products with pride. High quality and subtle craftsmanship is marked by a 10-year warranty on each knife.

The Karesuando Kniven product family includes a functional tool for hunting trips, woodwork, picnics, home cooking as well as gardening. The 340-gram Jaktyxa trekking axe, made of hardened stainless steel and stem-oiled quail birch and reindeer horn, is ideal for a forest trip. The Björnen knife is a great general tool for any outdoors person - and a great gift as well! The knife blade is made of hardened Sandvik carbon steel and the handle is hard birch and reindeer horn. The leather sheath is made of strong cowhide.

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