Hennessy Hammock

Hennessy Hammock

Hammocking Made Comfortable and Safe


Hammocking has been increasing in popularity, and hikers and trekkers are seeking better and more advanced options for sleeping outdoors comfortably and safely. Hennessy Hammock has made it their mission to provide hikers and trekkers the best possible equipment for sleeping outdoors. Their hammocks are known for their unique, patented designs, strong, durable fabrics, and all-in-one approach.

The hammocks have an asymmetrical shape, thanks to which the hammock provides more support for your back than regular hammocks. The patented structural ridgeline of the hammock ensures you enjoy the same comfortable sleep every night despite the difference in the distance between the trees you set your hammock up on. All the hammocks are made of strong, and durable materials that provide shelter. Each hammock features a tightly woven mosquito mesh as well as detachable rain fly (2,000 mm waterproof). Some models have double layer bottoms for adding extra insulations.

The original Hennessy Hammock is entered through the bottom, which even though it sounds hard, is actually really simple. And the most efficient way of keeping insects from entering the hammock with you. However, there are also models with a zip closing entrance on the side available. Hennesy hammocks come in different sizes for you to choose from depending on your height and your preferences for space.

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